Courageous Teaming

Courageous Team Development Services - Giant Leap Consulting
What would your team look like if it acted with more courage in its daily interaction? Now is the time for effective teams. Giant Leap’s work is built on the foundation concept of courage. When people are invited to use courage, the workplace can transform. We have seen courageous teams achieve breakthroughs in performance, connectedness, and interaction.


Executive teambuilding (for “teams at the top”)
Focused workshops that align executive leaders and build relationships to more effectively lead together.

Teambuilding for project teams
High-energy, engaging workshops or retreats that draw your project team together.

Team interventions
Facilitated process that helps teams understand what barriers are preventing their progress and establish actions to move past the barriers.

Team development needs analysis
Team assessment that determines what skills and capacities need to be developed in order to become a high-functioning team.

Team leader training
Workshop that develops leaders into more effective and influential team leaders and team members.


[sws_grey_box box_size=”100%”]“Each year, I come back from our offsite meeting with tremendous energy and convinced of the value and power of getting the team together. The activities and material are always relevant to our business needs and our employees quickly saw how they could learn and have fun at the same time.”

– Laurie Ann Goldman, Chief Executive Officer, SPANX, Inc.[/sws_grey_box]

[sws_grey_box box_size=”100%”] “Each time that Giant Leap has worked with us, they have had the uncanny ability to identify issues that our teams were wrestling with. Their programs seemed perfectly tailored to our firm and we saw immediate improvement as a result of their efforts.”

– Joel Freedman, Esq., Partner, Morris, Schneider & Prior, LLC[/sws_grey_box]