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How Arrogance Kills Leadership

arrogant young man in car

When Chip R. Bell offered to write a guest blog for John and me, I said, “heck, yeah!” Chip’s a great friend and fellow high-flying road warrior. He’s also the author of more than 20 books

Service With Sprinkles Takes Courage

What makes a great cookie special? Sprinkles! What makes great service special? Innovative service. Chip Bell expands on this theme in his newest book, Creating Awesome Experiences Through Innovative Service, and shares a few of those thoughts

A Passionate Plea For Leadership Passion

John Smith lost it!  And, of all places, he lost it in the big-deal executive meeting.  He went over the edge in his plea for some issue around a customer. No, he didn’t cry, although he did wipe his eyes before his cheeks got streaked. No, he