Charles Lang

Senior Consultant of Government Services

Charles Lang III has over 30 years of experience in human resources and organizational development as a professional coach, trainer, and motivational speaker. Charles recently completed his VA career as the Designated Learning Officer for the VA Southeast Network 7, Department of Veterans Affairs.

Charles also has extensive corporate training experience in such areas as team-building, interpersonal communications, customer service, and leadership development. He has served as keynote speaker for conferences and conventions including national, state, and regional associations, business and industry, schools, colleges and universities, hospitals and allied health associations, and government services and departments.

Most recently, he has been involved in leading community-based leadership retreats for local chambers of commerce and various business partners. Through this intensive effort in training welfare-to-work job-seekers in the Adventures in Attitudes Program, he has inspired many to break the barriers of welfare and to begin taking charge of their life and career with confidence and self-determination. He is currently authoring his first book, The Light Within, a collection of messages for glowing and growing.

A graduate of the University Of North Carolina School Of Public Health, Charles holds a MA in Public Health Administration. He is an active member of his community, having held leadership positions with such organizations as United Way, Exchange Club, Women’s Shelter, Junior Miss Program, Parents for Public Education, and Chamber Leadership Program.

Additionally, Charles serves as an active elder and choir director at his local Presbyterian Church.


Joel Freedman

Each time that Giant Leap has worked with us, they’ve had the uncanny ability to identify issues that our teams were wrestling with. Their programs seemed perfectly tailored to our firm and we saw immediate improvement as a result of their efforts.

Joel Freedman, Johnson & Freedman, LLC