The International Bestseller

What’s the hardest part of a manager’s job? It isn’t staying organized, meeting deliverable dates, or staying on budget. It’s dealing with people who are too comfortable doing things the way they’ve always been done. People who are too afraid to do things differently. Workers who are, as author Bill Treasurer puts it, too “comfeartable.” Such workers fail to exert themselves any more than they have to, equating “just enough” with good enough. By avoiding even mild challenges, these workers thwart forward progress and make their businesses dangerously safe.

To combat this affliction, Treasurer proposes a bold antidote: courage. In Courage Goes to Work, he lays out a comprehensive, step-by-step process that treats courage as a skill that can be developed and strengthened.

To make the concept of courage more concrete, Treasurer identifies what he calls the Three Buckets of Courage. Try Courage, having the guts to take initiative. Trust Courage, being willing to follow the lead of others. And finally, Tell Courage, being honest and assertive with coworkers and bosses. He illustrates each with a variety of vivid real-world examples and offers proven practices for helping your workers keep each bucket full.

Aristotle said that courage is the first virtue because it makes all other virtues possible. It’s as true in business as it is in life. Courage Goes to Work is the first book to take a systematic approach to developing a vital but overlooked component of business success.

Courage Goes to Work debuted in 2009 and became an international bestseller that introduced the new organizational practice of courage-building. Ten years later, it is the global reading standard for teams of all sizes, from small business groups to Fortune 500 brands. 


“Fear and doubt are the two greatest enemies of high performance in the workplace. This powerful book shows you how to instill more and more courage and confidence in every person, releasing personal potential you didn’t know you had available.”

Bill Treasurer has stolen courage from the gods and brought it to the workplace, where it is desperately needed. Everyone in a leadership role should put this book on the must-read list.”

Courage Goes to Work is a must-read for anyone who needs to show up with strength at work every single day.”

Courage Goes to Work provides a practical framework for overcoming it by emboldening people to engage in the braver conversations, be more decisive amid the uncertainty, and take the psychological risks required to forge new ground and inspire the best in others.”