“Of all the folks who’ve keynoted our conferences, Bill was the best at both inspiring and  educating our audience…His delivery was flawless. He involved the audience in quizzes  and clever ways to engage the delegates in the material. He created a sense of intimacy  with us by sharing personal examples that touched our hearts and made us laugh out  loud… It’s no wonder that there was a spontaneous standing ovation at the end. 

I highly recommend Bill to anyone who is seeking an upbeat, knowledgeable, and  customer-centric speaker who entertains, educates, and motivates audiences to take  action. And not only that, he’s a genuinely nice guy and so easy to work with.” 

Jim Kouzes, coauthor of The Leadership Challenge, and the Dean’s Executive Fellow of Leadership, Santa Clara University

Bill is a master trainer who only hits home runs. I appreciate the way Bill takes time to  tailor his presentations and connect so deeply with our audience. Bill is one of the very  best keynote speakers in all 26 years of the Creative Training Techniques® Conference!  Hire Bill to delight your audience and make you look good!” 

Tom Richards, COO, The Bob Pike Group

“Not all consultants are flexible about the solutions they bring to you. We wanted a partner, not a vendor. Something transformative, not transactional. That’s what Giant Leap represented for us.”

Craig Atkinson, VP , The Walsh Group

“The messages in Courageous Leadership are delivered in clear, straightforward way and  create a compelling reason for practicing courage. Our associates walked away with easy  to implement strategies for demonstrating the three buckets of courage every day.”

Pamela Booker, Senior Director of Learning and Development, Saks Fifth Avenue

“Bill did a great job of connecting with members of our organization and presented his program of Courageous Leadership in a creative and enjoyable manner.”

Mark Brasher, Chairman and CEO, Hugo Boss Americas

“I’m really happy that he came, I’m really happy that we chose him. We’ve been in this  situation before where we’ve gone out on a limb to pick a motivational speaker and been  disappointed. With Bill, I’ve never been more happy with my choice. I look forward to  working with him again.”

Ella Koscik, CEO, Management Decisions Inc (MDI)

“I can wholeheartedly say that it was a pleasure working with you and would recommend  you to any organization based on my experience! You did a terrific job of providing a  customized presentation that reinforced the goals and objectives of CSFB’s cross divisional mentoring program. We loved the jeopardy game of “Let’s Play, Guess the  Mentor”. It was obvious that you conducted a considerable amount of research to  identify who mentored many of these business luminaries, Warren Buffet, Dave Thomas,  Douglas McGregor, among others. Also, I’m very grateful that you took time to get up to  speed on the current approach to mentoring given that so much as changed in this space  over the years.”

Valerie Fondoukis, VP Organizational Development Credit Suisse First Boston

“Bill is a unique personality. One of those personalities who can light up a room and  leave you with stories you’ll be telling for years to come.” 

Justin Roux, Editor, Pipeline Magazine

“In today’s business environment, any discussion about the development of leaders must  also include consideration for an understanding of courage and the important role it plays.  Bill’s Courageous Leadership workshop was a practical and very effective part of a 3- day Leadership Development curriculum. Bill worked closely with us to understand the  context and objectives and tailored his workshop to meet our needs. Bill got high marks  from the attendees and he left a lasting impression that will be with them for many years  to come.”

Tony Scotto, Chief Development Officer, ACI Worldwide

“Today’s program was one of the best I’ve ever been to! I rode the elevator down with  several others who, like me, agreed that the program was applicable and relevant not only  to our jobs, but to our personal lives as well!”

Sarah Yerkey, Director of Corporate Relations Montreat College School of Professional and Adult Studies

“Bill Treasurer gave the closing keynote at the annual Fortune Leadership Summit and  helped close out the event in an excellent and “courageous” way.” 

Verne Harnish, Chair, Fortune Magazine’s Leadership Summit Author, The Rockefeller Habits, CEO, Gazzells, Inc.

“Giant Leap has worked with so many clients and different industries that they can bring unique
perspectives we never would have thought of but turn out to help us immensely.” –

Alex Aldridge, CEO Aldridge Electric

“Thank you for the wisdom and insight you provided to our leaders and for the impactful  way in which you did so! We received great feedback from the participants, and our  entire team loved your workshop as well. We’ll definitely be reaching out to you for  future events!”

Jaime Goff, Talent Management Consultant, CHRISTUS Health

“I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to participate in the MCPON Leadership  Mess Symposium. This year’s theme was, “Authentic, Competent, Courageous.” Bill,  your presentation drove this theme home into the hearts of my mess.”

Steven S. Giordano, Master Chief Petty Officer of the United States Navy

“We have received an overwhelmingly positive response to your talk in the  Leading Edge’s post-workshop evaluations, with participants describing the content as  particularly useful, insightful, and relatable.”

James A. Trinka, Ph.D. Executive Director, Leading Edge (Executives Driving Government Excellence)

“I wanted to send along a formal thank you for your engagement with our conference…  so – THANK YOU so incredibly much for speaking at the 2017 Michigan CUPA-HR  Annual Conference – you session was excellent and very well received by all. We  greatly appreciate your willingness to share your stories and experiences, and to spread  such a positive and encouraging message. I am incredibly grateful to have met you in the  process, and wish you the very best throughout the rest of 2017 and beyond.” 

Jake Lathrop, Human Resources & Facilities Manager College of Education, Michigan State University

“We asked Bill to be our motivational speaker at our Global R&D meeting. He spoke on  the last day of our conference and to everyone’s delight, Bill’s engaging style energized  our attendees after a long week of meetings.”

Kevin T. Schultz, DVM, Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer and Head of Global R&D Merial, Inc.

“I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the entire New England Field  Division’s management team to thank you for your poignant and insightful presentation at  our management conference…Your workshop was truly inspirational…the lessons we all  learned from you are now a permanent part of our lives. Your mix of humor with serious  subject matter provided a motivational platform that our managers will be able to turn to  when they are in doubt and change is needed. The Drug Enforcement Administration is  truly grateful. 

June W. Stansbury, DEA, Special Agent in Charge New England Field Division

“BRAVO! An excellent job! Well paced! Informative! Clear! Well delivered! Worth  everyone’s time and attention. I have heard many speakers on this topic and you are one  of the BEST, and, with a great BIG HEART! Your personal stories and reflections were  moving and informative and I/we could see the ‘gift’ with every travail and challenge you  met, dealt with, and overcame.”

Corneila Philipson, National Association of Women In Insurance & Financial Services

“Our Association loved Bill. His delivery style is thought-provoking and fun at the same  time–he kept our attention and challenged us to move forward. Right Risk was the  perfect message to kick off our year as a group. Bill’s message is especially important to women, I believe. We stay so involved taking  care of everyone else that we lose ourselves, and our passions. Right Risk is perfect for  anyone who wants to move to the next level in their lives…his message is powerful.”

Sherri Goss, President, Women In Financial Services (WIFS) Atlanta

“I have hired many keynote speakers for our Global Education Summits over the past 15  years, and Bill Treasurer is the best I have ever seen! Our international audience greatly  enjoyed learning his Leadership Essential Truths, the blend of appropriate humor, and his genuine care for their leadership success. The standing ovation he received as our  opening keynote, was well-deserved and earned. Comments posted on our Summit app  were glowing – “Extremely engaging,” “Bill is so on-point.” “High-Five!” He was so  popular he sold out of his books at the first break. Hire Bill as a keynote, and you will  look like a hero to your participants. Listen to Bill’s message on Leadership Essential  Truths, and you will feel like a hero!” 

Pamela Eyring, President The Protocol School of Washington

“It is clear from the insights you shared, both during the keynote and the small group  conversation, that you possess a depth and breadth of knowledge about a subject of great  importance to our organization. I especially appreciate that you offered several unique  and practical ideas and tools that can be immediately implemented. Treating courage as a  skill that can be developed is a powerful concept that enables people to be more  courageous in the workplace, while fostering a climate of courage for others.”

Gail S. Williams, Coordinator, Exploring Leadership Colloquia Series NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

“Many thanks for a great program! I look forward to working with you in the future. You  really did an outstanding job – our clients were impressed and walked away with tangible  ideas they can put into practice immediately. You have a great balance of informal style  and subject matter expertise. I’m sure we’ll be talking soon.”

Margie Mauldin, Founder and President, the Executive Forum.

“We have had the privilege of working with Bill over the past several years; as a keynote  speaker for our annual Management Conference which is attended by between 250 – 300  supervisors and managers from all areas of UM; as a workshop leader; and as a closing  speaker (via a video feed). Our original intent was to hire Bill as a keynote speaker but  he proved so popular and effective with managers that we brought him back for the  workshops and webinar. We now look to see when Bill has a new book so we can bring  him to UM to speak on his new material. I can’t speak highly enough of Bill.”

Deborah Orlowski, Ph.D. Senior Learning Specialist and LCP Program Manager, University of Michigan

“Bill has an amazing ability to get hardcore business people to quickly open themselves  up to his new and provocative ideas. Having worked with many speakers over the years,  what is impressive about working with Bill is that he takes the time to understand our  business goals and objectives and stitches those into his talk. Bill “gets” us and our  business, and that makes all the difference.” 

Keith Kicks, VP of Human Resources, Radiant Systems

“Bill did an outstanding job of incorporating the items our partners are most cautious  about as partners. The up-front preparation Bill completed through a survey was dead – on for inspiring us to be more courageous in selling, branding, and collaborating in  building business opportunities. He dared us to be OK with becoming uncomfortable in  order to Grow!” 

Tim Shoonover, CEO, OI Partners

“Bill, thanks for the terrific job you did during your recent talk. Everyone here was  impressed with the time you took to understand our challenges, and how relevant you  made the material to our workplace. The session was truly top-notch!” 

Kathy Nichols, Senior HR Manager, Booz Allen Hamilton

“Bill’s content and delivery of a half-day Courageous Leadership workshop was perfect for our three-day intensive development for key internal change leaders. I was  particularly impressed with the level of tailoring Bill did to make his workshop seamless  with other presentations delivered by internal staff. He was thorough in understanding  our needs and the context for the session. The content of Courageous Leadership is  practical and Bill’s facilitation is highly engaging.” 

Gary Johnson, Global Talent and Organizational Development Manager, ACI Worldwide

“Bill Treasurer’s presentation at the LOMA Society of Atlanta’s 30th anniversary meeting  last December was both entertaining and information. He shared useful guidelines to help  our members evaluate risk in their own careers and personal lives in a lively manner that kept the entire group engaged. When I first saw Bill speak to the local Women in  Insurance and Financial Services meeting, I immediately asked him to speak to the  LOMA Society. His engaging manner and wealth of knowledge also made him one of  our most popular speakers at The Freelance Forum, another organization where I serve on  the board of directors.” 

Bobby L. Hickman, President, LOMA