What would your organization look if it were pursuing a bolder vision? Giant Leap provides high-quality, tailored strategic planning services that have been used in corporate, non-profit, and even academic research settings. Our process gets everyone aligned around clear goals and expectations so they can advance the overall mission. By engaging stakeholders, clarifying goals, setting objectives and measures, and identifying mission-critical actions, we get you to your goals faster.


Stakeholder Research and Engagement – By involving as many stakeholders as feasible, we ensure a high degree of buy-in to the plan. We engage stakeholders through interviews, surveys, and focus groups. Then we summarize the findings so you can make sense of the data, and put it to good use!

Executive Engagement – Having the top-team aligned around the organization’s strategic priorities is key to the success of the plan. To keep everyone informed and aligned, we meet with the top-team multiple times throughout the planning process.

Visioning & Future-Casting – Leadership is fundamentally about creating a better future. Our visioning and future-casting sessions help organizations decide on the compelling future that want to create and pursue.

Strategic Planning Offsite – To be most effective, a strategic planning offsite meeting has to be well-choreographed and facilitated. Giant Leap works closely with our client partners to create a tight agenda. Then we facilitate your offsite in a way that everyone has a voice, but no one person over-dominates. Our meetings stay on track and produce real outcomes!

Strategic Plan Drafting – After all of the input has been gathered, it’s time to draft the plan. We summarize the stakeholder input and meeting output so you can have a solid first-draft of your strategic plan. Often this includes a broad plan and an executive summary.

Momentum Meetings – What’s the use of a strategic plan if it collects dust on a shelf? We conduct quarterly Momentum Meetings so you can ensure that the plan is being executed. Because executing on the plan is the whole point, right?




City of Asheville, NC

Plote Construction


National Science Foundation

Children’s Advocacy Centers of Georgia

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Aldridge Electric Inc.


Our proven strategic planning process will bring each member of your team into clear alignment with your purpose, direction,and desired impact. However you define success, we’ll teach you exactly how to marshal your resources to achieve your courageous vision for a future that is worthy of your collective efforts and ambitions.


Strategic Planning for Teams and Leaders

For senior leaders and managers rising into other roles of responsibility, strategic planning becomes a core focus of your daily and annual work. The more you lead, the more strategic your focus must be. Download our DIY Strategic Planning Workbook and get started today. 

Giant Leap Consulting has led over 30 strategic planning sessions for scientific research centers at such renowned institutions of higher learning as Harvard, MIT, Yale, USC, UC Berkeley, and the University of Chicago. Hear what clients had to say.