Meetings & Retreats

Meetings & Retreats

Meetings & Retreats

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been in a meeting that was a complete waste of time. Often meetings devolve into a competition, with attendees trying to outsmart one another instead of make decisions that are in the best interest of the organization. If you’re tired of unproductive meetings that don’t push thinking or generate actionable results, Giant Leap can help. Our team includes skilled facilitators who can help you get the most of your group, no matter how diverse their backgrounds, agendas, or points of view may be.

Our Meetings & Retreats Services Include:

Agenda Crafting – We work with our client partners to clearly identify the desired meeting outcomes, and then craft the agenda that will ensure that those outcomes happen.

Meeting Facilitation – At the beginning of the meetings we facilitate, we always make it clear that our #1 aim is to make sure that the meeting is a good use of everyone’s time. At the end of the session, our clients nearly always tell us that we helped them make more progress than they would have without our facilitation. Sometimes smart people with big egos don’t get much done by themselves. We help our clients make progress.

Offsite Meeting Retreats – Offsite meetings and retreats have to be well-choreographed and facilitated. Giant Leap works closely with our client partners to create a tight agenda. Then we facilitate your offsite in a way that everyone has a voice, but no one person over-dominates. Our meetings stay on track and produce real outcomes!

Momentum Meetings – What happens after the meeting is more important than the meeting itself. To make sure that actions are getting done, and that progress is being made, Giant Leap conducts periodic Momentum Meetings. They’re a great way of ensuring accountability.

Serving Such Clients As

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Cox Enterprises
Builders Chicago Group

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In the past two decades, thousands of executives across the globe have attended Bill’s meetings and retreats. Benefiting from the concepts first introduced in Bill’s bestselling books, participants come away with stronger leadership skills, improved team performance, and more career backbone.

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We have partnered with Giant Leap for facilitation expertise for many years, especially in groups where stakes are high and where creating an environment where people can be bold and courageous in their thinking is the lynch-pin for success. We have found no finer facilitation expertise for these situations than Giant Leap.

– Brad White, Principal & COO, (R)evolution Consulting

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