Leaders require courage to make bold decisions, to assertively say what needs to be said, and to place their trust in those they manage. This road-tested training program will help you jumpstart a courage-building program in your organization. Everything you need to get started is listed below. Check out this video of author Bill Treasurer discussing what makes this program so useful and effective. If you are interested in starting a Courageous Leadership program in your organization and would like a bulk discount price quote, or if you’d like to engage the author, Bill Treasurer, to conduct a customized train-the-trainer program, please email:



This comprehensive guide provides trainers, consultants and facilitators with a step-by-step approach for using courage to strengthen leadership skills, improve performance, and counteract the negative impacts of fear in the workplace. The program modules can be delivered as a standalone workshop (a ½-day or full-day) or integrated into an organization’s existing leadership development initiatives. This easy-to-use guide includes samples copies of the Courageous Leadership Participant Workbook and Profile as well as instructions for accessing an exclusive trainer’s web page with customizable PowerPoint presentations for an executive briefing and the workshop.




This hands-on, interactive workbook guides leaders and managers through an exciting new development practice—courage-building. As participants work their way through this beautifully designed 2-color workbook, they will:

  • Learn about the three different types of courage and when (and how) to use each.
  • Gain insight into their own “courage history.”
  • Understand the impact that fear has on personal and organizational performance.
  • Learn about two distinct ways of leading and approaches for inspiring more courageous behavior among colleagues
  • Identify specific actions for extending the value of the workshop.
  • Become a courageous leader.



Designed to be used within the Courageous Leadership workshop, this 30-item self-assessment measures the ways the participant currently applies courage in the workplace and where opportunities exist to utilize it more frequently and in different ways. During or prior to the workshop, facilitators can administer the profile so that participants can assess which of the three types of courage (TRY, TRUST, TELL) they use most often, and which they need to use more. The profile booklet includes the self-assessment, scoring sheet with instructions, interpretation guide, strategies for increasing the three types of courage, a customizable leadership development plan, and “Courage Notes” pages.


What People are saying

“If your aim is to develop courage as a workplace value and skill, then the Courageous Leadership program is the right choice for you. We’ve used the program numerous times at eBay, and find the material smart, easy to put into practice, and effective.”

~ Shanna Gardner, Senior Manager, Organization Development – Culture & Employee Experience, eBay

“At U.S. LBM we have a culture that is centered around risk-taking, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence. The Courageous Leadership program helps us reinforce and develop each of these cultural values among our workforce. In the training world, there is only one courage-building program, and this is it!”

~ Wendy Whiteash, Executive Vice President of Culture, U.S. LBM

“At Total, we don’t have time for flavor-of-the-month training programs that don’t work. We started using the Courageous Leadership program in 2012, and the results have been powerful. Since then, nearly 300 supervisors and senior managers have been through the program, and it has become an essential part of our leadership development curriculum.”

~ Michael Wallace, Learning and Development Manager, Total American Services

“At Armstrong Flooring, we were seeking a quality training program that would help us increase the level of courage across our workforce. The Courageous Leadership program has become a vital component of our success, and we’ve rolled the program out to both managers and non-managers. As a result, every few days I learn about a new example of a courageous act that someone took to add value to our business. In other words, this program works!”

~ Lori Guiseppe, Organizational Development Manager, Armstrong Flooring

“The Courageous Leadership program is a valuable tool for transforming workplace performance by building peoples’ courage. This is a top-shelf program that gets bottom-line results.”

~ Thomas Bell, former CEO, Bank of America Merchant Services

“Courage is a core value at SPANX, and at the heart of everything we do to create winning products for our customers. SPANX has used, and benefited from, many of the concepts related in the material.”

~ Laurie Ann Goldman, former CEO, SPANX

“Here at The Walsh Group, we have already used these materials to build our leadership team and know firsthand that they work. The concepts are bold, refreshing, and effective. We endorse the program.”

~ Matt and Dan Walsh, CEO and President, respectively, Walsh Construction Company


We would love for you to enjoy this free Wallet Card with valuable courage-building leadership tips! Follow the link to download now!