Be a Warrior of Seriously Sparkly Service

Guest Post by Chip R. Bell

“I’m a soldier of service,” he said proudly when I thanked him for helping me locate an item in the Home Depot near me.  I smiled and asked him what that meant.  “It means I am here in service of my customers,” he replied. “My job is to quickly get them whatever they need.”  I again thanked him and walked to the cash register recalling my soldiering days.

I was not a soldier; I was a warrior. I served in combat as the commander of an Army reconnaissance ranger unit.  Think of Army rangers as sort of the Army version of the Navy Seals.  In fact, I did a few joint operations with the Seals.  Ordinary soldiers do their assigned duty.  They carry out orders and, in a manner of speaking, “quickly get whatever is requested.”  Warriors, while respecting the chain of command, go beyond routine duty to do whatever it takes to give their absolute best.  They are mission-focused, not job-focused.   They focus on their purpose, not just their chore.

As soldiers came to end of tour of duty overseas they used the word “short” a lot.  When someone asked, “How you doing?” the answer “I’m short” meant you were getting close to DEROS (date eligible for return from overseas…a.k.a., go home!).  Warriors never spoke of being short.  While they felt the pain of lost colleagues and the loneliness of being away from loved ones, their focus was on the next challenge and the thrill of the next victory.  Warriors were not bloodthirsty licensed killers; they were there for love of country, the allegiance to the unit, and the sheer zeal of achievement.

We have plenty of soldiers of service today–people who proudly do what the customer requests.  We need warriors of service.  Warriors of service bring joy and delight, not just help and assistance.  Warriors deliver unexpected surprise, not just plain old good service.  They think outside the expectation; they boldly explore the untrodden terrain of service enchantment.

Warriors of service camouflage any unavoidable unpleasantries in the customer’s path so only the best of service shines bright.  Wait is carefully managed when it cannot be shortened; hassle is decorated with personality when necessary rules dictate some modicum of bureaucracy.  Customers do not remember service providers that simply meet their needs—even with speed, accuracy and warmth.  Our memory bank today only records the best and brightest experiences.  And, if those memories are of the unique and special, we play them back for others over the backyard cyber fence!


Chip R. Bell is a renowned keynote speaker and the author of several best-selling books.  His newest book is Kaleidoscope:  Delivering Innovative Service That Sparkles.  He can be reached at

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Bill Treasurer is a bestselling author, leadership consultant, and creator of Q Cards. He is the founder of Giant Leap Consulting, a courage-building company, and the author of the international bestseller, Courage Goes to Work. His workshops have been taught to thousands of executives in eleven countries on five continents. For more than two decades, Bill has designed and delivered programs for emerging and experienced leaders from such organizations as NASA, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lenovo, eBay, UBS Bank, Spanx, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Prior to founding Giant Leap Consulting, Bill served as an executive in Accenture’s change management and human performance practice, eventually becoming the $35 billion company’s first full-time internal executive coach.

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