Q Cards: Coaching Questions That Unlock Real Results

Q Cards: Coaching Questions That Unlock Real Results

Q Cards: Coaching Questions That Unlock Real Results
Your coaching business success is built upon their success. You want to help your executive, personal, or organizational coaching clients achieve transformational breakthroughs. Q Cards are designed to help you prep before each session. Grow your coaching practice now with our proven Fast-Start program.

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Q Cards: Coaching Questions That Unlock Real Results

Q Cards are professionally crafted to help business facilitators, life coaches, leadership consultants and executive coaches help their clients accomplish breakthroughs by asking thoughtful questions. For a great coaching conversation, coaches and consultants can use the Q Cards to prepare before each session. This deck of standard-sized cards is easy to pack, travel and use! Contains 52 cards that progress conversations to deepen trust and facilitate coaching breakthroughs.

Courageous Leadership: Trainer’s Program

Are you a talent development expert, professional coach, or HR leader? Then you need THE go-training that has transformed companies around the globe. This comprehensive program provides you with a step-by-step approach for using courage to transform the workplace. Learn directly from bestselling author and leadership expert Bill Treasurer, originator of the organizational development practice of courage building. This is a rare chance to learn the same strategies and approaches that Treasurer has taught to thousands of executives around the world, and add this specific offering to your coaching or facilitation business.

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