Why “Always Be Hustling” Is Bad Leadership Advice

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Updated August 2022 In the mid 1990’s, a regional communications company launched a billboard advertising campaign that implored people to “Never Stand Still!” The underlying message was that to be successful, you must perpetually

The Power of Influence

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In this excerpt from his upcoming book, Leadership Two Words at a Time: Simple Truths for Leading Complicated People Bill explores the power of influence that leaders hold. Often this influence is simply those around you mimicking your attitudes and

Supporting a New Leader

mentoring a new leader

Taking on a new leadership role is always challenging. New responsibilities. New team members. And new roles to play. But today, as organizations are facing the Great Resignation, remote and hybrid work environments

Leading Away From Comfort

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Updated July 2022 It may surprise you that your job as a leader is to make people uncomfortable. Why? Because people learn, develop, and progress in a zone of discomfort, not comfort. It is in the pursuit of challenges that are hard, scary, and

A Tool Kit for Productive Meetings

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Meetings. Love them or hate them, most of us have them on our schedule. In fact, there is a good chance you have one on your calendar today. In the era of hybrid and remote work, these seem to be happening at an even higher rate in an attempt to