Knowing Yourself and Leading Others

Know Yourself when leading others

A good leader knows who they are. They understand their fears, they’re courageous, and they can relate to others. Occasionally, emotions get in the way of sound judgment. It’s how we handle and respond to our emotions that allows us to

Taking the Right Risk as a Leader

High diver taking a risk

Choosing to take a risk is often well-calculated. You understand the consequences. You know what you have to gain and what you have to lose. At one point or another, you’ve likely had to make a decision that exposed you to great risk. Do you

Being Courageous

A women speaking and being couragoues

We often think of courage as something that only a select few possess. We see it as a heroic trait, reserved for those who are willing to risk their lives for others. However, courage is not something that is limited to a certain group of people. It

Building Workplace Courage

jumping a gap building courage

Inside and outside of work, these are fearful times. Over the last few years, the world has suffered through an unusual amount of anxiety-provoking situations, including the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous wars, the toppling of governments, multiple

Creating Safety

nets creating safety on a narrow high bridge

The relationship between risk-taking and safety is one that is often overlooked in the workplace. People are more likely to take risks when they feel safe, and the consequences for doing so are forgiving. However, this doesn’t mean creating a