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Knowing Yourself and Leading Others

Know Yourself when leading others

A good leader knows who they are. They understand their fears, they’re courageous, and they can relate to others. Occasionally, emotions get in the way of sound judgment. It’s how we handle and respond to our emotions that allows us to

The Pressure to Deliver Results

women feeling the pressure to deliver results

The pressure to deliver results is as old as leadership itself. Greek mythology tells the story of Dionysius, a Sicilian king, and Damocles, his fawning courtier. Damocles had a habit of going on and on about how fortunate the king was, how

The Extraordinary Ordinary Leader

extraordinary ordinary leader

What a leader does every day may seem ordinary, but ordinary things done consistently are what it takes to be extraordinary. You look uniquely familiar. You, the one who has learned to believe in yourself, trust yourself, and follow the quiet inner