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Getting to Acceptance

Business butt kick

Over the course of your career, you’re bound to have a few startling setbacks. In my book, A Leadership Kick in the Ass, I explain why setbacks and failures often provide valuable lessons that can actually enhance your career. The trick is

The Pressure to Deliver Results

women feeling the pressure to deliver results

The pressure to deliver results is as old as leadership itself. Greek mythology tells the story of Dionysius, a Sicilian king, and Damocles, his fawning courtier. Damocles had a habit of going on and on about how fortunate the king was, how

Work In Progress: Goal Setting to Improve as a Leader

a road representing the path to improve as a leader

You’ve got to get better. Everyone does. The torch of self-improvement should burn bright and shouldn’t flame out until very late in life. You will never ‘graduate’ as a leader. You will never be granted absolution from the obligation to