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Thank U Covid

Back in March, when Covid-19 upended humanity, my first response, like so many others, was to freak out. I worried, “What if this pandemic decimates my business and savings?!” The fear was paralyzing. Within a week, though, my fears gave way to

7 Ways To Improve Your Professionalism

Two women of color sitting at a table working

At Giant Leap Consulting, we understand the need for professionalism. In fact, we offer an entire professionalism workshop which highlights the following 7 characteristics. These focal points are designed to help you and your company improve

Allow Nature to Show You the Upside

kayaking during pandemic

Many of you know me to be an upbeat person. The truth is, there have been many days during the last few months where I got completely bummed out. Between the pandemic, massive unemployment, and recent protests across the country, I’ve had more