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How To Improve As A Trainer

Do you want to continuously improve as a trainer? Here are some training tips that I’ve learned through trial and error. How long have you been a training professional? Whether you’ve been in it for 25 years, 6 years, or 4 months, you’ve

Lessons From The Stars

Leaders Open Doors for MORE than Just the Top Performers A Guest Post by Eileen McDargh This summer, we spent nine days of backpacking in the Pioneer Basin region of the Southern CA High Sierras. The 12,000-foot Mono Pass assured us that we were

What Is A Chief Encouragement Officer?

It happens fairly regularly. I’ll hand my business card to someone, wait a beat, and watch them smile as they read my title – Chief Encouragement Officer. I started my business, Giant Leap Consulting, in 2002. My personal and business